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A formal wine education is a great foundation and an important starting point for stepping into the wine world, but if you're wondering what your next step should be after your coursework is complete, you're not alone. Breaking into the wine and hospitality industry can be daunting, and there aren't always easy or logical pathways to start a new career or even simply to get more information about what a wine job actually entails.


Our mission at France 44 Education is to make education more accessible, build and enrich our community, and forge meaningful connections. Our network of industry professionals includes individuals from a variety of sectors, and who are equally passionate about accessibility, diversity, and building community within the wine and hospitality sectors.


If you're looking to make connections, are seeking mentorship or an internship experience, or contemplating a career change, please fill out the contact form to be connected with an industry professional relevant to your interests, goals, and/or background. We can't wait to connect with you!

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