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Diversity & Equality Policy

France 44 Wine & Spirits Education is committed to upholding the principles of diversity and equality in all areas of its work, seeking to ensure that all candidates, educators, partners, and affiliated parties and persons are treated fairly and equally at all times. 

France 44 Wine & Spirits Education assure equality of opportunity for candidates by: 

  • Promoting open access to WSET qualifications (having regard to the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcohol and assessment competence standards) 

  • Allowing candidates with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access WSET assessments without changing the demands of the assessment in line with our Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policies 

  • Inviting feedback on diversity issues from all candidates, educators, partners, and appropriate affiliated parties or persons  

  • Working with relevant local organizations as appropriate to develop measures to identify and prevent inequality of opportunity 

  • Reviewing this policy regularly to ensure it is relevant and up to date, and continues to meet organizational requirements and is fit for purpose 


If any student, educator, partner, or affiliated person with France 44 Wine & Spirits Education has a concern that actions of an individual connected to the delivery of WSET qualifications at our APP is against the France 44 Wine & Spirits Education Code of Conduct, they should refer to the Complaints and Appeals Policy for actionable steps. 

For further information on France 44 Wine & Spirits Education’s stance on diversity and equality, please visit our Code of Conduct page. Please direct any questions regarding our Diversity & Equality Policy to  

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