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Code of Conduct

France 44 Wines & Spirits takes its role as a leader in beverage education and certification seriously and holds our staff members to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior. This includes but is not limited to the standards set by WSET in the APP Handbook. By this, we mean that we are 100% committed to providing and maintaining a safe, respectful, and engaging learning environment for everyone that walks through our doors or is connected to us in any way. We want our school to be a place where individual characteristics, values, beliefs, and experiences are celebrated. 


We require all students, educators, guest lecturers, invigilators, and any other partners in our programs to uphold these same values and ethics. When you register as an official student at France 44 Wine & Spirits Education, you will be asked to read this Code of Conduct and commit to upholding it by signing and dating the document. 

As a student enrolled at or partner with France 44 Wine & Spirits Education, I commit to: 

  • Take part in courses or sessions honestly and authentically to give meaningful contributions to the course group and the collective Minnesota wine community

  • Be respectful of all other students, educators, invigilators at all times, including during and outside of course sessions, in email correspondence, and in using online media channels 


  • Be respectful and supportive of other professionals, beverage enthusiasts, and educational entities within the Minnesota wine community 

  • A zero-tolerance policy of harassment and discrimination, including but not limited to offensive comments or microaggressions related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, or religion; threats or incitement of violence; deliberate intimidation; unwelcome sexual attention 

  • Take appropriate action in reporting allegations or evidence of harassment or discrimination against another student, educator, or any partnering individual or business with France 44 Wine & Spirits Education  

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